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Cannon Blaster – Beta 4 (Circa 2005)

Okay, so I found a pile of games I had written back in the day, and pulled some out and started dusting them off.  A couple of guys at work showed some interest and started playing one in particular: Cannon Blaster.  I wrote it one day in college when I was bored in Database class ignoring some lecture about sargable queries or some such… Anyway, the game is a quick hack using VB.NET, Winforms, and GDI+ and doesn’t even change your screen resolution… well fast forward to 2010 where we all drive flying cars with bat computers in them and have screens on our cell phones that go up to 20 billion by 15 billion, and well, the game doesn’t play as well… one element in particular: The machine gun doesn’t go far enough to even be usable, you’re stuck with flak only.

Hence Beta 4 (Previous version was labeled as Beta 3).  I increased the range of the machine gun (varies by resolution), and *slightly* slowed it down (stops the weapon from giving the player god-like powers).  Also there was a bug that when a machine gun hit a plane it didn’t explode, it just dissapeared.  I tried to fix that, but the code is pretty much uncommented and super old, so sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, and surprisingly, sometimes it half works…

Anyway, I like the idea behind the game, I might do a more modern version of it that doesn’t blow chunks someday.  For now you’ll just have to put up with all the chunk blowing and what not if you want to play it.

Download Cannon Blaster – Beta 4 (Windows Executable requires .NET Framework 2.0 to play, and VB.NET 2008 Source Code included).

Original Allegro.cc Forum Post.

Screen Shot:

Cannon Blaster - Screen Shot

Cannon Blaster - Screen Shot

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